A data driven future

We execute on big data analytics and use machine learning and complex algorithms as drivers in our unique analytics platform. Take your organization to the next level of digitization with data at hand


How we work







01- We know data

We have been a primary gateway to critical data related to the physical sub surface infrastructure in more than 25 years. Our analytics platform use existing data from our clients existing IT systems, including dedicated network information, financial data, operational and maintenance data as well as sensor data. With the use of automated data sourcing the setup is quick and with expert consultancy easy to navigate.

02 – We use the technology of tomorrow

Our platform is based on cloud computing and use machine learning and complex algorithms. We create best practice for utilities bringing a unique network of utility data into play, combining the insights and experience from the majority of Danish utilities. Our platform have high confidence in predictive tools trained and rooted in the latter. We are an IBM partner and use the cognitive Watson technology, which processes information more like a human than a computer.

03 – We create value

We give immediate insights using dynamic presentations using GIS maps, heat maps and intuitive charts. At the same time, the platform is a perfect transparent dialogue tool that can improve the decision-making process across the organization – driven by data!

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