Resilience begins with data

We bring asset centric organizations closer to the full picture. Complex algorithms, AI and expert analytics in our SaaS solution, help our clients lead the digital transformation

Asset Performance Management

Asset Strategy

Leverage utility asset strategy by the impressive aggregated amount of data available today. Get closer to the best decision as data|APEX provides a dynamic priority based recommendation tool.

Predictive analysis

Predicting future events in utility assets with data|APEX allows utilities to optimize OPEX and CAPEX levels. Reach new levels of confidence in your investments based on industry specific network predictions.

Risk analysis

Risk and criticality of asset failure and poor network conditions are visible to the entire organization through a unique graphical presentation in data|APEX.


Utility value

“The data|APEX solution provides us with stronger and more dynamic insights for prioritization purposes.
We see the effect being savings in OPEX and CAPEX of minimum 10-15% on an annual basis.
Ultimately delivering water supply and treatment at an overall lower cost.”

Benny Nielsen

Head of Planning, Herning Vand

How we work







01- Data, set, GO

We capture and source data from a wide variety of internal and external databases, IoT and sensors as well as public data. The solution is easy deployable with a minimum of consultancy services and client specific integrations. We almost call it plug and play.

02 – Expert build Big Data platform

Our platform is based on cloud computing and use machine learning and complex algorithms. We create best practice for utilities bringing a unique network of utility data into play, combining the insights and experience from the majority of Danish utilities. Our platform have high confidence in predictive tools trained and rooted in a massive data pool. We are an IBM partner and use the cognitive Watson technology, which processes information more like a human than a computer

03 – Immediate Value

Being a cloud based SaaS solution integration is easy. We give immediate insights using dynamic presentations using GIS maps, heat maps and intuitive charts. At the same time, the platform is a perfect transparent dialogue tool that can improve the decision-making process across the organization – driven by data!

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